Thigh Lift in Atlanta

The inner and outer thighs are common problem areas for many women and men who have sagging skin or loose, dimpled skin in their upper legs. This is especially true after significant weight loss and changes in natural skin elasticity with age. The thigh lift is a body contouring and reshaping surgery that tightens and tones the inner (medial thigh) and outer (lateral thigh) areas to create a more balanced look. These problem areas often do not respond to diet and exercise alone, and many people who want to improve the shape and silhouette of their legs can benefit from the thigh lift procedure.

Dr. Webb has been performing the medial and lateral thigh lift for years in Atlanta has perfected her technique for body contouring and reshaping. The thigh lift procedure not only smoothes the thigh contour by removing the sagging skin but it also diminishes stretch marks and skin dimples from cellulite.

How the

Thigh Lift is Performed

The thigh lift is typically a combination of inner and outer thigh sculpting and often includes liposuction techniques to remove the excess fat and promote skin tightening in areas that have lost the youthful elasticity. For the medial (inner) thigh lift, either a horizontal incision at the groin crease or a vertical incision along the inner thigh will be used depending on how much loose skin is to be removed. Dr. Webb can then lift and tighten up the skin and anchor it in place with sutures to achieve a sleeker and more sculpted look. The result is a smoother appearance and the removal of excess fatty deposits between the thighs.

For the outer thighs, the thigh lift procedure involves creating incisions around the groin and lower hips and lower back. The skin around these areas is then lifted, sculpted and sutured in place, and liposuction may be performed to remove excess fatty deposits in this area. Any fat removal in this area may also reduce the appearance of cellulite so that the patient no longer has the dimpling on their outer thighs. Scars are often well-hidden and drains are sometimes used. Compression garments will be recommended after surgery to help with swelling. When this is combined with lower body lift, the buttocks are also elevated to address the deflated, flattened or saggy look that occurs after significant weight loss or age.

Key Benefits of the

Thigh Lift

The thigh lift offers several benefits for both men and women who undergo the procedure. Key benefits of the thigh lift include:

  • Smoother, more youthful-looking legs
  • A sculpted and toned look
  • Tighter and firmer skin around the inner and outer thighs
  • Complete removal or significant improvement of cellulite
  • A streamlined silhouette and balanced look

Dr. Webb takes a customized approach for each body contouring procedure so that results look natural and only the right amount of fat and skin tissue is removed to create a beautiful, well-defined silhouette. Contact Dr. Webb today for a thigh lift consultation in her Atlanta office and find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure.