Mastectomy Option

The Goldilocks mastectomy is a surgical procedure that removes unhealthy breast gland tissue while preserving healthy fatty tissue and skin that is then rearranged to have the appearance of a smaller breast mound.

Simply put, the breast surgeon performs a mastectomy on one or both breasts and then Dr. Webb uses the remaining breast skin and subcutaneous fat to reconstruct a breast mound without implants or tissue transfer from other areas. For patients with larger breasts who cannot or do not want to undergo multiple surgeries, this option gives the best possible immediate outcome after mastectomy with the least amount of downtime.

It is most often offered to women who plan to have mastectomy surgery but do not want or cannot have formal reconstruction. A Goldilocks procedure can be considered for women who have cancer or who are healthy but have a higher risk for breast cancer. It utilizes a skin-sparing mastectomy technique, which is then combined with a breast reduction reconfiguration that leaves one with a smaller breast mound using the redundant skin and subcutaneous tissue. This also makes it much easier to wear a prosthetic bra or bathing suit, which can be challenging after total mastectomy and no formal reconstruction.

Difference between

Goldilocks Mastectomy and Traditional Mastectomy

The most notable difference in the Goldilocks mastectomy and the traditional approach of mastectomy with breast reconstruction is the Goldilocks mastectomy does not require the use of implants or surgical tissue transfer techniques to create the fullness of a breast after removal of the underlying glandular tissue. Subsequent fat transfer to add volume can be performed as well as full reconstruction with implants or autologous tissue if a patient decides after the fact that they would like to have formal reconstruction. It is best to discuss what to expect with Dr. Webb during your consultation in her Atlanta office.

Advantages of the Goldilocks Mastectomy

There are several advantages to this mastectomy procedure.

Can be performed on one or both breasts
Can be performed for prophylactic mastectomy
No additional surgeries are required
No implants are used
No scars elsewhere
Decrease pain and shorter recovery time compared to traditional breast reconstruction.
Excellent option for patients who don’t want or are poor candidates for traditional breast reconstruction
Patients with extremely large breasts or sagging breasts have the best results from this procedure because they have more native tissue to work with.
If patients change their minds and want formal reconstruction down the road with implants, fat transfer or flap reconstruction, those are still viable options!

Candidates for the

Goldilocks Procedure

If you are interested in the Goldilocks option, it is best to consult with Dr. Lindsey Webb to see if you are a candidate for the procedure. In the consultation, Dr. Webb will go through the surgery, recovery and expected outcomes and will show you before and after photos. Please contact Webb Plastic Surgery for more information about this procedure.