Breast Lift in Atlanta

The stretching of breast skin and sagging of the breast shape can occur due to pregnancy, weight changes, and the natural aging process. These factors change the volume and elasticity of the breast tissue which then cause the breasts to droop, a phenomenon we call ptosis.

Dr. Lindsey Webb, a renowned, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon located in Atlanta, Georgia, can restore the aesthetic youthfulness by elevating and tightening the shape of the breasts. Her expertise is unmatched and she performs breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, multiple times a week.

Removing the excess skin and lifting up the surrounding breast tissue leads to a tighter and more youthful breast contour and can resolve the neck and shoulder discomfort from poorly fitting bras. A breast lift can be performed alone or with an implant or one’s own excess body tissue to help augment the cleavage and upper fullness of the breast.

For women who are satisfied with the size of their breasts, but not happy with the sagging and droopy appearance, a breast lift alone is the perfect solution to regain that natural breast shape silhouette.

A Woman’s Perspective

Dr. Webb has performed breast enhancement surgeries countless times with immense satisfaction among patients throughout Georgia and the greater Atlanta area. To benefit from Dr. Webb’s experience, precision, artistry and female perspective, contact us at your earliest convenience.

She spends a lot of time with each patient—answering their questions, finding out their specific goals, presenting surgical options and alternatives—to ensure surgery meets or exceeds their expectations.

All About

Breast Lift

A breast lift can help boost a patient’s confidence and self-image.

Over the years, skin loses its elasticity due to depleted levels of collagen and elastin. Breasts may decrease in firmness and fullness as they respond to the forces of aging. A breast lift in Atlanta can raise and reshape sagging breasts.

The mastopexy procedure may also reduce the size of the areolas. The areola is the darker skin surrounding the nipple. If you have a small chest due to genetics or breastfeeding, then implants placed in conjunction with a mastopexy surgery can increase their size and amplify their aesthetics.

The exact nature of your breast lift will depend on your body and cosmetic goals. It is an outpatient surgery that takes 2-3 hours and then you are able to go home. Incisions are made around the areola and straight down to the bottom of the breast (like a lollypop) and sometimes a horizontal incision is also made in the breast fold (like an anchor). You will have dissolvable stitches and drains are not needed except in certain situations. The scars fade well over time and are typically hidden by a bikini. Schedule a consultation with Atlanta’s own Dr. Webb and help her define your next move.

Benefits of a

Breast Lift

A breast lift surgery can help restore sagging tissue and create a more youthful appearance. These are just a few of the many advantages a mastopexy procedure from Dr. Webb can provide.

  • Higher, perkier, and firmer breasts
  • More fullness and cleavage in the upper chest
  • Natural, pretty shape
  • Improved symmetry in uneven breasts
  • Reduced size of areolas and positioned in most projecting part of breast

Mastopexy can help you feel more comfortable in your clothes and fit bras better. If you shy away from swimsuit season, a breast lift may be just what you need! Dive into empowerment with a breast lift in Atlanta.

Actual Patient

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Candidates For


Every surgical procedure demands careful consideration. Ideal candidates for mastopexy are healthy nonsmokers with stable weight over the last six months and realistic goals. Breasts of any size can benefit from a lift procedure, but the results may not last as long if the recipient’s weight fluctuates often and excessively. Women with large, heavy, pendulous breasts may require a breast reduction in order to achieve optimal results.

Other candidates for mastopexy include new mothers who are rebounding from pregnancy and nursing. A breast lift can address stretched skin and add volume. However, a patient who is planning to get pregnant soon may want to postpone her mastopexy surgery until after she is done having children as pregnancy causes fluctuations in size and shape. Most woman are still able to breast feed but ask us how it may be impacted.

Preparing for Your

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a complex operation, but it is very safe under the skilled hand of a qualified plastic surgeon. There are a few steps you can take to ensure a positive, healthy mastopexy experience.

To decrease risks of wound-healing problems and to optimize results, stop all nicotine products for at least six weeks before and six weeks after surgery. Dr. Webb may also advise you to stop taking aspirin or other blood thinners in the time leading up to your surgery. You should arrange for rides to and from the surgery center on the day of the mastopexy. We will send prescriptions to your pharmacy so you can pick them up ahead and have them when you get home.

Drink lots of fluids the day before surgery and then there will be no eating or drinking after midnight the night before surgery except Gatorade, when specifically directed to take it. Dress comfortably in loose clothes or a button-down shirt on the surgery day. When in doubt, consult Dr. Webb’s detailed instructions and follow them closely.


Immediately following your mastopexy, Dr. Webb and her team will monitor your progress. You will be placed into a soft, supportive bra which you will initially wear around the clock until your breasts adjust to their new contours. The garment helps control swelling and provides optimal circulation to the chest.

Our attentive staff will schedule a follow-up appointment 1 week after surgery to chart your recovery and then we will see you at regular visits as things progress. Your recuperation process will be unique to you. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for about 4-6 weeks to allow incisions to heal. Most patients are driving and off prescription pain medication after a few days. You can resume work at a week or so but highly physical occupations may require lighter duty for 4-6 weeks to allow for healing.